Project Background
1. Industry Environment

With a total market value of over 250 billion US dollars just in 2021, the world has witnessed huge rise in cryptocurrency transactions in recent years. But considering the potential future of the whole industry, this sum might just be a drop in the ocean. With the data provided by the leading blockchain data company, coinmarketcap, we can see that the daily trading volume of global cryptocurrency transactions has already exceeded 230 billion US dollars which is 10 times higher than in 2020. These numbers show how rapidly the cryptocurrency market is currently developing. At the turn of the twenty-first century, the Internet industry has brought a blue ocean for user traffic, an immense incremental market, as well as a huge opportunity across this era and the SuperEx team is currently witnessing the rudiment of the Internet industry from 20 years ago.

2. SuperEx Team’s Understanding of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Since its first creation in 2009, the blockchain-based Bitcoin has received ever-growing consensus and recognition among the public. Blockchain technology came to the public’s attention, precisely, with the rise of Bitcoin and these technology and concepts are transforming various sectors and bringing new opportunities to many different industries. We are certain that the blockchain technology will surely be remembered as one of the greatest innovations of our generation. (We pay our respects to Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto!)

About SuperEx
1. Values (Code of Conduct) of SuperEx

Everything we do is centered on providing the best services to our users.

2. SuperEx’s Mission

Making cryptocurrency universally available.

3. Overview of the Platform
About SuperEx

SuperEx is an internationally-operated cryptocurrency transaction platform that supports transactions of blockchain digital assets in dozens of languages and currencies. The ultimate goal of SuperEx is to create a transparent, secure, stable and efficient decentralized digital asset transaction platform. SuperEx is developing several new features that will make its platform unique in the cryptocurrency industry. However, SuperEx’s greatest advantage lies in the team behind it. A large number of our team members come from well-known financial and technology companies, such as Paypal, Facebook, Google, BlackRock, Fidelity and more. With a background in traditional financial derivatives transactions and the knowledge in the traditional design of derivatives, SuperEx’s team also realizes the current demand for derivatives transactions in the cryptocurrency market. Each and every member of out team shares a firm belief in Bitcoin and strongly believes in SuperEx growing into a leading brand in the digital asset transaction market in the near future.

Underlying System

SuperEx’s platform system has been perfectly designed to make our clients’ digital transactions swift and smooth. The system capacity can be expanded infinitely based on the progressive increase in the number of users, allowing tens of millions of users to perform online transactions simultaneously. Distributed multi-cluster environment is adopted in the system to ensure availability of the system at all times. Even in the case of fortuitous events, the system can quickly switch service channels in order to ensure full availability of the system. New functions of the system are launched using gray release technology and the function deployment and version updates can proceed without a service pause, guaranteeing the operating experiences of end users to the maximum degree. Using containerized technology, the system can quickly add relevant services to trigger huge transactions in an instant, ensuring the normal conduct of transactions, and greatly improving the performance, security, stability and expansion of the system.

Multi-Client Support

SuperEx supports the following clients:


The independent internal security team conducts code white-box audits, penetration tests, and server security checks. The wallet nodes are monitored and maintained in real time by an independent security O&M team and financial personnel. The third-party security cooperation, code black-box audit, penetration test, attack-defense drill, and WhiteHat vulnerability discovery reward plan are carried out externally.

In the online digital asset world, security is the most important factor for digital asset exchanges. Realizing the importance of user privacy and the safety of their digital assets, SuperEx uses a centralized transaction with a decentralized storage mode to store user-layer assets. Users can choose to store token’s private keys directly in user terminal devices and user assets will not be affected by any issues from SuperEx servers or teams. SuperEx platform uses the security design based on multi-signature, offline signature, and layered architecture for assets in the central node wallet. More than 90% of digital assets will be stored in the cold wallet and SuperEx will perform the external audits at regular intervals. In addition, SuperEx works with leading cyber security companies in the industry to ensure the secure operation of the platform.

Agent System

SuperEx is open to agent businesses in various countries and regions around the world. As a SuperEx agent, you can enjoy a high percentage of commission fees and timely responsive customer service. The data statistics in the agent system shall be real-time, specific, and clear. The commissions are issued automatically on a regular basis.

Fund System

SuperEx has designed a fund management system for professional investors and institutional users. The multi-level account structure can be established in the system, so that the fund managers can manage their funds separately and set independent risk control rules. The risk control management includes setting a strong level line for sub-accounts, maximum leverage, and real-time reminder for profit and loss. The fund system also supports automatic profit settlement of sub-accounts.

Strategic-supported Transactions

In order to realize the automatic transactions, SuperEx’s strategy transaction center provides users with an enormous quantitative strategy library.

Self-developed Professional Chart

Our platform provides real-time charts with great number of indicators for free, comparable to that of TradingView, in features and with its chart elements synchronized at multiple ends.

Transparent Market Data

SuperEx will make its platform transaction data public to provide transparency for its users. Such information as “contract open interest”, “Bull/Bear-Index person ratio”, “destruction quantity”, and “data on forced liquidation” will be available and easily accessible at all times.

Highly User-friendly

Derivatives transactions are more strenuous than spot transactions in terms of basic concepts and operation methods. In order to make the starting process effortless for our new users, SuperEx put a huge effort in optimizing the product and interface design to offer simple, easy-to-use and user-friendly experience. SuperEx has developed a “streamlined” user interface in which the operation procedure is simplified for new users. Additionally, SuperEx has opened a novice academy in which new users will get access to videos or articles on how to get started and advanced courses that our users can use to get more familiar with the platform and online digital transaction process.

4. Ecological Sector

The drawbacks of centralized exchanges lie in non-transparent data, platform-manipulated markets, and risks that user assets stored in exchange wallets might be stolen. SuperEx has reasonable ground to believe that the decentralized derivatives exchange will gradually take 30% to 50% of the market share within the next 5 years and the competition in the derivatives market will shift from CEX to DEX. At present, the existing decentralized derivatives exchanges, mostly based on the Ethereum public chain, are facing high transaction fees, high latency and poor product user experience. Based on its self-developed eco-chain, SuperEx will build intelligent DEX to quickly occupy the market with the first-class product experience.

Payment with Cryptocurrency

In the field of traditional payments, such companies as PayPal, Epay, and Alipay, combined with the Internet, have brought great convenience to both enterprises and users. In the cryptocurrency industry, there is still a lack of professional digital-currency third-party hosting payment platform. Therefore, there is a huge market demand for cryptocurrency third-party payment system. From the start of establishing the SuperEx team, the wallet technology team has focused on reserving and cultivating young talents in the field of traditional payment. The wallet technology team possesses abundant experience in traditional payment projects, blockchain wallet nodes, and decentralized storage. Moreover, the wallet security O&M team strictly controls the node O&M, code audit, penetration test, and financial risk control, together with SuperEx’s security team and finance team, in order to provide stable and secure first-class services for partners and clients. SuperEx intends to gradually launch payment and settlement services in over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. Partners will simply need to connect with API interfaces to integrate traditional Internet services with cryptocurrencies.

Combination of SuperEx and Traditional Securities

The combination of traditional finance and cryptocurrency will lead to a more efficient and safe new financial environment. In terms of transaction services for technology and product, SuperEx has opened up docking services with major stock exchanges around the world, providing services for trading traditional financial targets such as stocks and options from different countries using cryptocurrency as their base currency. This will greatly improve the efficiency in trading traditional financial products and reduce the transaction costs and barriers.


SuperEx offers independent brand exchange technology and security services for teams with operational and promotional capabilities, and does not use this business as a means of profit. The transaction orders of all SaaS platform users will be aggregated in real time to SuperEx for matched transactions to form the liquidity and transaction depth of mutual aggregation with SuperEx. An ET deposit shall be paid for provisioning SaaS services.


SuperEx is expected to launch the eco-chain in 2022, using ET as the mainnet token and it will be gas for the “hyperchain” of SuperEx's ecological public chain.


With the development of new industries and the latest innovations in technology, user demands are constantly rising. By focusing on SuperEx and its users, the cryptocurrency derivable service product will continue to grow, which will not be described in details herein. SuperEx warmly welcomes individuals or groups with brilliant insights in subdivisions, including Defi, Gamefi, Nft and the primary universe, to build communication and cooperation with SuperEx.

Detailed Rules for Issuing SuperEx Token (ET)
1. Introduction to ET

The ET (Alien Project, full name: Extraterrestrial Token) is an EcoEquity token issued by the SuperEx platform, with a total number of 1 billion tokens. It is never increased in amount and gradually reduced through the destruction mechanism. Therefore, the ET is a long-term deflationary token.

2. ET Allocation


Early investor

Before the official website is open for the first round of cornerstone financing of ET, the investment institution can bring resources and brand endorsement to SuperEx at a price 50% lower than the cornerstone round.

Early investors can contact us through our official Telegram channel: @SuperExcom


Community fund

The community fund is used for incentives and investments for participants in building the SuperEx's global community.


Cornerstone investment

The cornerstone round will be carried out in the form of subscription on SuperEx. For more details, please refer to the platform Issuance Plan below.


Team rewards

It is used for talent incentives for SuperEx’s globally distributed team, team merges and acquisition.


Transaction mining

It is used for Transaction Liquidity Incentive for CEX and DEX Users.

3. Ecological Value of ET
Transaction Fee Discounts

ET holders enjoy ultra-low discounts on transaction fees.

Exclusive quota for new projects

ET holders have access to the exclusive quota for ultra-low prices in the launch of new projects. The amount that users can snap up is determined by the average daily ET holdings (daily random snapshots) of their account in the previous 30 days.

DeFi SGD Mining

After the SuperEx eco-chain "hyper chain" is launched, a special Hyper Chain Ecological Fund will be set up to create the DeFi project ecosystem. For users who hold ET, staking ET in the DeFi project on the Hyper Chain can obtain tokens (mining) at the earliest, thus having the opportunity to gain more earnings in the secondary market.

Voting for New Projects

1. The project voting activities enable more users to participate in the platform’s decision-making process and provide multiple online channels for potential blockchain projects. The rules for voting are shown as follows:

The projects with the most ET votes in each voting period will be eligible to go online in the current period and there is no hard cap for ET votes. If two or more projects end up with the same number of ET votes, the online qualification shall be determined by the number of voters.

2. There will be 3 to 5 candidate projects in each voting period. The previous champion projects can no longer participate in the current voting. The projects which have not obtained the online qualification in the current month will enter the project voting pool for the next period. If the projects have not obtained the online qualification for two consecutive periods, they can no longer participate in the voting activities.

3. Each user must cast at least one vote (1 ET) and at most 10 votes (10 ET) in each voting period.

4. Each user can support only one project in each voting period.

5. All users who participate in the ET voting and voted in the current champion project will receive the project’s airdrop in proportion and all ETs used for voting will be destroyed. For users who have not voted in the current champion project, all ET paid for their votes will be refunded.

Key Clients’ Benefits

If the ET holder’s volume reaches a specified level, SuperEx gives ET holder the right to become a key client to enjoy the best quality services. (For example, the ET holder will be promoted to a key client if they hold more than 100,000 ETs). The key clients’ benefits include but are not limited to exclusive rates, dedicated fast recharge/withdrawal access, key account club activities, exclusive client manager services, premium project investment opportunities, holiday custom gifts, and courses offered locally by SuperEx University.

Gas for Public Blockchains

SuperEx is expected to launch the Eco-chain in 2022 and ET will be the mainnet token. It will be gas for the “hyper chain” of SuperEx's eco-chain. BSC, Binance's intelligent chain, drives the price of gas BNB to go up by more than 1,000% in just three months. SuperEx’s goal is to give a greater ecological value to ET through the hyperchain ecosystem.

4. ET’s Economic Model
Repurchase and Destruction of Earnings

SuperEx spends 50% of its quarterly profits on repurchasing ETs, and its repurchased ETs are directly destroyed. The repurchase of ETs will not stop until the total number of ETs is reduced from the initial 1 billion to 200 million.

Destruction of Projects by Vote

SuperEx will vote on the new currency to encourage the project party and its supporters to hold ETs and participate in the voting so as to measure the strength and enthusiasm of the project party. All ETs for successfully-voted projects will be destroyed. The destruction of ETs will not stop until the total number of ETs is reduced from the initial 1 billion to 200 million. The voting destruction mode will not be limited to the superior currency of the project side.

Revenue and VAM Commitments

Release of ET shares for start-up teams. SuperEx has set a revenue target for the platform and the USDT value of ETs repurchased and destroyed in each year should reach to an established target. If the target is not met, the team’s ET shares to be released in the following year will be directly destroyed.

First-year VAM target: to repurchase and destroy ETs with a market value of USD 10 million (if the target is not achieved, 60 million ETs to be released one year later will be destroyed)

The second-year VAM target: to repurchase and destroy ETs with a market value of USD 25 million (if the target is not achieved, 25 million ETs to be released one year later will be destroyed)

The third-year VAM target: to repurchase and destroy ETs with a market value of USD 50 million (if the target is not achieved, 50 million ETs to be released one year later will be destroyed)

The fourth-year VAM target: to repurchase and destroy ETs with a market value of USD 100 million (if the target is not achieved, 40 million ETs to be released one year later will be destroyed)

Transaction Mining

Incentive mechanism

From 00:00:00 every day (EST), 100% of the transaction fees generated by users are converted into ETs every hour for accumulation. The conversion price is calculated at the average ET price in that hour. (Average price is calculated as per total amount/total volume), The ET rewards accrued from the previous day are issued at 0:00 in the following day.

Release mechanism

50% of the ET trading mining reward will be returned to the transaction users and the remaining 50% will be allocated proportionally to the ET holders.


After the ET mining is completed, ET enters the quarterly repurchase and destruction phase.

Global Node Plan

The global node plan serves as an important part of SuperEx’s global presence. SuperEx recruits node partners worldwide who share common values with the SuperEx team to expand the local market. The node partner will be a regional market leader (institution) of SuperEx in key countries and regions, and has the opportunity to grow into a independent site of the SuperEx’s sub-brand. In the first phase, 10 global nodes are recruited, with a priority in recruiting partners from South Korea, Russia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey, and Brazil.

The global nodes are required to lock 200,000 -1 million ETs in their accounts.

4. ET’s Economic Model

Launch Plan for Platform Coin
1. Time and form

The Cornerstone Round will be launched on the platform and after stable operation, it will be carried out in the form of subscription on SuperEx.

Opening time: The Cornerstone round will be launched on the platform, and after stable operation, it will be carried out in the form of subscription on SuperEx.

2. Price and share

Subscription price: 100U per share

Subscription specification: 100 ET per share

Total subscriptions: 200,000,000 ET

Currency of subscription: USDT

3. Terms and Conditions

Conditions for participation: All users can participate in the subscription.

Launch of transaction: After the subscription is completed, the recharging/withdraw for ET will be unlocked, and the ET/USDT transaction pair can be launched.

Subscription limit: The maximum subscription limit of a single user is 10000 copies (not the final actual subscription copies).

Unlocking rules: 20% of the subscription is unfrozen after the subscription is completed, while the rest are unfrozen by 10% every calendar month. Unfreezing shall be completed within 10 months.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer
1.Risk Tips

Security: Throughout the years, many digital asset exchanges have closed their doors due to issues arising in their security system. Thus, SuperEx attaches great priority to its security system, but there is not absolute security guarantee in the world. However, SuperEx is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the security of of our client’s transaction.

Competition: The Exchange is a fiercely competitive field. Any good concept, start-ups, and even large enterprises face certain risks from such competition. SuperEx migh have the possibility of a failure. However, SuperEx will make every effort for its platform to stand out and succeed.


This document is only for the purpose of conveying information, and does not form an opinion on the purchase or sale of shares or securities. Any similar proposal or consultation shall be conducted under a trusted clause and permitted by applicable security laws and other relevant laws. The above information or analysis does not constitute investment decisions or specific suggestions. This document does not constitute investment advice, investment intention or solicitation investment in the form of securities. This document does not constitute and shall not be construed as offering any purchase or sale, or any solicitation to buy or sell any form of securities, as well as a contract or commitment in any form.

SuperEx.com explicitly indicates that users are clearly aware of the risks from the platform SuperEx.com. Once the investors participate in the investment, it means that they understand and accept the risks of the project, and are willing to personally bear all the results or consequences thereof. The platform SuperEx.com explicitly expresses that it will not bear any direct or indirect losses arising from its participation in the ET project, including:

1. Economic losses arising from users’ transaction and operations; 2. Any errors, omissions or inaccurate information resulted from personal understanding; 3. Losses caused by individuals’ transaction on various blockchain assets and any actions resulted herein.


Every generation has its own unique times and dividends. If you are a fan of Bitcoin, let’s show our sincere gratitude to Satoshi Nakamoto for Bitcoin and Blockchain he brought to us!